Sensitivity Reading Services

To whom it may concern, my name is Becca von Zweck, and I am the creator of the blog Becca’s Book Realm (

I am hoping to become a paid sensitivity reader for publishers seeking readers to read and review marginalized rep in upcoming books. I am offering my services to read and offer feedback on upcoming titles that feature marginalized identities that I share. I don’t know what your policies are regarding sensitivity reading, or if you’re seeking any at all, but I’m available if you need someone to judge any of the following rep and determine whether or not it is harmful and needs fixing. I offer sensitivity reads primarily for YA (Young Adult) or NA (New Adult) but will consider requests for MG (Middle Grade) and Adult books as well. I can evaluate either an entire manuscript, a partial manuscript or a specific passage from a manuscript. I will evaluate for any genre except nonfiction: fantasy, scifi, contemporary, mystery, horror, speculative fiction, etc.


I can analyze/offer feedback on these types of representations:




🔹Asexual spectrum/Demisexuality

🔹Depression (including suicide, suicidal ideation and self harm)

🔹Anxiety (including social anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic attacks)

If you would like to request a sensitivity read from me, then shoot me an email with “sensitivity read request” in the subject and include in the email:

🔹the title of the book

🔹the name of the author

🔹a summary of the book

🔹the books genre

🔹the age group it is intended for (MG, YA, NA, or Adult)

🔹which marginalized identities it represents


My costs are as follows:

🔹Full Manuscripts:

Less than 100,000 words: $150

More than $100,000 words: $200

🔹Partial Manuscripts

Specific scenes/passages: $40

Partial Manuscript (less than 45,000 words): $60

I reserve the right to deny any requests, and adjust my rates, but I will let you know if I’ve chosen to do so. I am only one person with one persons experiences so please do not rely solely on my feedback to determine whether or not the book is fit to represent the marginalizations it contains-I’d suggest getting feedback from multiple own voices readers for each bit of representation.

I’d love to hear back from any of you. Thanks for your time.

-Becca von Zweck