Help Save Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore!

Hi yall. I know I haven’t posted on here in months. A lot has been going on! But I’m posting now because I have some very heady news: my local indie bookstore Mysterious Galaxy is in danger of closing if they cannot find a new buyer and location within less than 60 days.

Image result for mysterious galaxy san diego

Mysterious Galaxy is an independent bookstore in San Diego that has been around for nearly 27 years. They’re formed a wonderful community of booksellers and readers, and have hosted countless author events over the years. I’ve been attending signings there since 2016 and have met many wonderful authors and made a few friends there as well. I would be devastated to see this place go.

All we can really do to help right now is spread the word, so that’s what I’m doing. Please help spread the word too! Please reblog this post!

Use the hashtag #SaveMysteriousGalaxy to spread the word via social media!

To inquire about purchasing the store, contact the owner Terry Gilman at

For general questions and info about the sale of the store, contact the store manager Kelly Orazi at 858-268-4747 or



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