Scorpio Season Vibes: The best Scorpio-esque books to read this month


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It’s November and you know what that means right? It’s officially Scorpio season! As a Scorpio myself and someone who finds astrology fun and interesting regardless of whether or not it has any scientific foundation, I thought it’d be fun to throw together a list of my favorite books that give off a very Scorpio-like vibe. I divided books into groups based on which Scorpio trait/vibe/stereotype I think they best represent.


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The Mysterious & Secretive

Scorpios are well known for the air of secrecy and mystery that apparently surrounds them. I can confirm, we do love our secrets and we’ve got the poker face down-pat. Scorpios are the definition of a closed book. These books feature spies and murder-mysteries, a mystifying carnival and a search for a long dead Welsh king. The curiosity and the mystical nature of these stories makes them the perfect addition to a Scorpio-inspired book list.



The Dark & Compelling

I’ve never been described as “dark” or “compelling” myself but I can see how these descriptors fit into the overall definition of Scorpios. I am drawn to very dark books and movies so maybe that’s where I fit into that stereotype. For this category, the “dark and compelling” refers more to the stories themselves than the characters. There are zombies and creepy woodland creatures, a stranded spaceship crawling with monsters that used to be human, and protagonists with terrifying supernatural abilities. If you love creepy, dreary and unpredictable, then these Scorpio-esque reads are right up your alley.



The Cunning & Ambitious

Although Scorpios are known for their loyalty, we also have a bit of a reputation for being very devious and determined when it comes to getting what we want. When it comes to these narrators, they exhibit these Scorpio-like traits to the fullest extent. Whether they’re seeking fortune and glory, power or freedom, these characters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, through whatever means necessary.

The Vengeful & Fierce

As someone who is way too good at holding grudges, I love a good revenge story. From hunting down a gang of murderous cowboys to getting even with back-stabbing best friends or trying to obtain power over their oppressors, these vengeful gals have Scorpio written all over them. But their stories are about so much more than revenge-there’s romance, action, girl power, magic and fantastic world-building, all with a very Scorpio-like feeling encompassing it.



The Courageous & Profound

Bravery and intensity are two more traits that are often used to describe those born under the Scorpio star sign. Each of these protagonists aren’t afraid to break rules or stand up to authority or face their fears in order to achieve justice, independence or power. They don’t let the intensity of the hardships they endure along the way diminish their courage or stop them from accomplishing their objectives.


The  Resilient  & Independent

While I do consider myself to be very resilient and independent, the main characters in these books have me beat. I highly doubt I’d ever have the guts to hike the Appalachian trail by myself, for one. I most definitely would not survive more than 5 minutes on the run from bad guys in New York City all on my own either. So I guess they’re more Scorpio than I am. Darnit. I need to step up my game! Then there’s Sky-the main character in I’ll Meet You There-who’s struggling to get by with very little money in a small town and with an incompetent mom, and make it into her dream college so she can finally start a new life. Each of these stories and their narrators are inspiring and Scorpio-esque in their own way, and they just had to make it onto my list.


The Clever & Complex

For my last category, I chose books pertaining to Scorpio’s deep sense of intuition and the many layers that make up a Scorpios mind and soul. These attributes can be applied to the stories, characters or both. There’s scientific geniuses, crime solvers, computer hackers and criminal profilers, or just narrators who simply possess quick problem solving skills and have more sides to them than meets the eye. Scorpios are said to be almost psychic at times, and I’d like to think that I can be as well. It makes me seem cooler.


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So that’s that! I hope ya’ll had a fantastic November and I hope I’ve inspired you to pick up some of these wonderful Scorpio-ish novels. I may make another fun astrology-based blog post in the future, featuring book suggestions for each of the signs, so keep an eye out for that!


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