It’s officially Autumn: So here are some of my favorite September releases of this year!

Over the last month, I finally got a chance to read some of my most anticipated September releases. I also got to meet 3 out of these 4 authors within the last month, which was very exciting!

Instead of writing separate full length reviews, I thought it’d be fun to make lists of my favorite things about each of them. So here are the things I enjoyed most about the following fall reads:


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There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins


  • The PERFECT Halloween time read, as it takes place in autumn, in Nebraska, with lots of, ya know…corn. Corn mazes. It’s creepy as hell, gruesome and the perfect mix of horror, romance, humor and character development
  • It’s totally different from anything Perkins has written before. All of her previous books were fluffy, cute contemporary romances and while this one has romance too, it’s a horror story overall
  • Ollie is a pretty unconventional love interest. I mean, he has pink hair! He’s a bit of a social outcast, kinda seen as the school “weirdo” but is still totally adorable and swoony
  • Perkins makes you FEEL for each of the victims before they die by giving you a small portion of their POV and some insight into their life. You get to know them before they are killed off, which makes the story feel sadder and darker, yes, but also all the more real!
  • The main character has a mysterious secret in her past to be revealed. The intrigue!
  • I had literally no idea who the killer actually was. All my guesses were wrong. Never saw it coming. So I was on edge the whole time!
  • There are some pretty quirky side characters. I loved Makani and her friends and I loved Ollie. They were each very unique. Makani herself is a very bad-ass main character/girl of color


An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

  • Another perfect autumn read, with beautiful descriptions that make you feel like you’re living in a cottage on the edge of the forest, with fall colored leaves falling down around you and the smell of pumpkin in the air
  • The main character Isobel is quirky, funny, eccentric. She’s a very talented painter who puts her heart into her work and is full of passion for what she does.
  • The romance is healthy and non-toxic. Consent and respect are both very important aspects of their relationship and it’s a beautiful thing to see.
  • There’s dark magic that works in unexpected ways, faeries, a hidden well that promises immortality but at a steep price; the inability to perform any form of art or craft
  • The love interest, the faerie prince Rook, isn’t the stereotypical dominant alpha male type who’s chock full of toxic masculinity. He’s sweet and gentle and respectful.

There are some creepy moments that accompany Rook and Isobel on their journey through the woods. Some of the fair folk are a bit..nuts..and many of them use a magic glamour to cover up their true appearances which are kinda…scary.


Warcross by Marie Lu

  • Video games and virtual reality! I loved the feeling of becoming immersed in the digital age of a near-future
  • It’s set in Tokyo! A super high tech tokyo. Which is awesome cause not alot of YA books take place in Asian countries
  • The main character Emika is a bad-ass rainbow haired asian girl with extreme hacker skills and a super cool electric skateboard that she rides everywhere
  • There’s a swoony Japanese love interest; Hideo, whom you’ll immediately fall in love with. Well, maybe not immediately. He comes off as a bit prickly at first. But as he and Emika grow closely, his lovable qualities will become more prevalant
  • There are diverse side characters-disabled, queer and poc members of Emika’s Warcross team and I enjoyed getting to know them
  • I loved the teamwork aspect between Emika and her teammates and how they grew to trust and respect each other as they trained. The relationships between them grew stronger as they learned to rely on one another and it felt like they cared about one another as more than just teammates working to win a virtual reality game
  • There was an unexpected plot twist that reaaaaaally threw me. I seriously did not see it coming and never would have forseen it. I love being surprised like that!
  • The ending left me totally reeling and desperate for the sequel. Warcross is a duology so there’s only one more book to go!

Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore

  • Reading this book kind of reminded me of a game of clue. Ya know, like…whodunit? Was it so-and-so in the ballroom with the candle stick? Except, instead of murder it’s stolen artwork
  • Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books you used to read as a kid? Jane, Unlimited reminded me of those, with the many alternating universes. There’s like 5 different mysteries going on in just this one book!
  • The book is also a mix of like 5 genres in one-mystery, horror, romance, etc, and it’s split into 5 different stories that all branch out from the different choices Jane makes. Sound confusing? It really isn’t, I promise. It’s what made it so hard to put the book down!
  • The story takes place on an island mansion that has a lot of secrets hidden behind its’ doors. The descriptions of the mansion’s many rooms are described so vividly and with so much detail that i felt as if I were inside the mansion itself, wandering its many different rooms and getting lost solving its various puzzles
  • There! Is! Bisexual! Representation! That’s right, our main character Jane finds herself attracted to both guys and girls. Its subtle but it’s there.
  • There is quite the eccentric cast of characters…and they’re all totally unique from each other so there’s no way you’ll get them confused. Some of them are very weird or mysterious or even obnoxious but each is unforgettable in his or her own way.
  • There’s an adorable, wise old bloodhound who follows Jane all around the mansion as she unravels each mystery, and seems to know all about the strange activities occurring within its walls and amidst its occupants
  • Our main character Jane has a really strange and unique hobby-she makes and designs umbrellas! The umbrellas are a pretty central the to the story and something that Jane takes very seriously and is very passionate about. Even the books cover resembles an umbrella!


Me and Stephanie Perkins at her Barnes and Noble book signingimg_9043-1Me and Marie Lu at Mysterious Galaxyimg_9042-1Me with Aditi Khorana, Kristin Cashore and Kierstan White at Mysterious Galaxy 







One thought on “It’s officially Autumn: So here are some of my favorite September releases of this year!

  1. I wanted to see Kristin Cashore at Mysterious Galaxy! I ended up not going because my class was late & I would’ve never made it there with traffic.

    I’m currently reading An Enchantment of Ravens for Halloween. I didn’t think about Jane Unlimited being a fall read, but I might have to push it up on my TBR.


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