Review: For This Life Only by Stacey Kade


Title: For This Life Only

Author: Stacey Kade

Release Date: August 30th 2016

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Source: kindle

Genre: contemporary

This book was both beautiful and devastating, an honest portrayal of a teenage boy struggling to cope with his twin brothers death, and his desperation for answers regarding life after death.

I’m glad Kade for decided to delve into this topic, for writing a character who questions whether people truly end up “in a better place” after they die. It was interesting to read from Jace’s pov as he struggled with the faith his parents were so desperate to hold onto in the light of tragedy. I felt like I could relate to him a lot, as I’ve never really been religious and don’t really know what to believe in terms of life after death.

This book made me SOB so so much. But it was worth it. It’s a book that makes you think and second guess your presumptions regarding the afterlife and Jace was a very strong, very real main character. The way he was written had me feeling very attached to him by the end, and I really came to understand each of his thoughts and actions and why he was the way he was.

Thera was a bit prickly and hard to like at first but she grew on me and I came to admire her honesty, her ferocity and the way she was there for Jace without really coddling or pitying him, although I personally would have liked to see more of a heart to heart between them, with Jace breaking down and spilling all his feelings of guilt and sorrow because well, I’m sappy like that. Overall one of my favorite reads of this year, and I can’t wait to read more by Stacey Kade!

4.5/5 stars 


One thought on “Review: For This Life Only by Stacey Kade

  1. Hello 🙂 found your blog via Twitter! The book sounds so wonderful! I haven’t read many contemporaries truthfully..Until currently, I didn’t realize or think it would be a genre I’d enjoy but so far I’ve loved all the contemporaries I’ve read lately! So I’d love to give this book a try and see how I like it 🙂 Great review and I see what you mean about wanting a heart to heart between characters..I’m sappy like that too 😛

    Also you have a wonderful blog! 😀


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