Most Anticipated of 2016


So, for my very first post, I thought a list of my most anticipated 2016 YA releases would be the perfect introduction to my blog! There are so many upcoming books from my favorite authors and plenty of intriguing debuts that I’m looking forward to! Just click on a book to be linked to Goodreads for exact release dates and descriptions!

Starting with some of my favorite authors:




Then here’s a boatload of upcoming releases that caught my eye, starting with April:


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Then on to May:






Aaaaaand June:




So there we have it! Obviously I couldn’t fit every single release I’m looking forward to, cause that list would go on forever, but these are the ones I’m most excited to read! At some point within the next couple weeks I’ll probably make separate posts about a few of these books so I can go into picular about why I’m interested in each of them individually.

How about you guys? Which of these here are you looking forward to the most? banner5.jpg






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